About Us

Magicboo is one of the largest one-stop retail beauty marts in Singapore and Malaysia. Our vision is to be the leading one- stop retailer of beauty and wellness products such as skincare, hair care, slimming, spa and jacuzzi in the local and international scene.

It has over 5,000 types of products comprising beauty, health, hair care, spa and many other types. These products are imported directly from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries. It aims to be the market leader in affordable and quality products.

Our range of products has also been expanded to cater to a wider cross section of consumers and also to enable shopping under the one- stop concept.

The choices for customers have also been expanded to include products from countries like Korea, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. These are countries renowned for quality products. Our large network of retail showrooms has enabled us to buy in bulk at competitive pricing. Ultimately, our customers enjoy the benefit of buying quality products at affordable pricing.

Magicboo has also a team of well trained and dedicated technicians who provide support and after sales services to compliment the high demand of sophisticated equipment.

Magicboo has progressed in leaps and bounds since its inception and our beauty marts totaling 60 outlets are now located in Singapore and Malaysia. These locations are selected to provide our customers with easy accessibility for their beauty and health needs and to be located within the reach of every potential customer.


2012-- Asia Pacific Excellent Entrepreneur Award

2013-- Keris Award

2013-- Asean Outstanding Business Award

2013-- Top Brand Award

2015-- The Brandlaureate SMES Best Brands Award


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